Cup designs for Starbucks

I’ve always loved Starbucks cups, some are really cool, some are ridiculously overly outrageously clichély cute but you just can’t not ignore them hahahah . So I try make some my own designs for Starbucks 。

The first part

Design some looks to compliment this 2018 collection. Every year Christmas, Starbucks will present their collection of Christmas mugs, the image below is some designs from the 2018 collection.

So I began with research as always , summarised few keywords for 2018 styles, and also research on Christmas culture in japan .

The Second part

Design few looks for Starbucks Roastery . Starbucks Reserve is a selection of the rarest, most extraordinary coffees Starbucks has to offer. It’s where starbucks push boundaries of craft, developing a unique roast for each individual lot before experimenting with coffee as an art form—brewing, aging, infusing and blending it into imaginative and often surprising creations.

I began with research on Starbucks Roastery style , japanese coffee culture and Japanese aesthetics.

Direction 1:

Direction 2:

Overall look:

What do you think of starbucks cups? which starbucks cup do you like the most? Comment below !


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